Sunday, March 20, 2011

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My first exciting science fiction novel was published by in 2008.  It contains concepts of various TV shows, books, and movies from a unique perspective.  Please buy my novef from Rosedog, or  Keep your friends informed on Twitter, and/or Facebook.  Send Emails to your friends. 

Don't forget about my other novels, "Within the World of Forever" (2009) and "Before Yesterday, Comes Tomorrow" (2010), which are a continuation of the story, but aren't specifically written, as sequels.

My books between 2011-2017 are "The Guns of Mestonville" (2011), "Ten on a Skillet" (2012), "The Golden Lions - The Battle of the Bulge" (2013), "Whispers in the Wind" (2014). "Impossbile Time" (2014), "One Rode a White Horse" (2015), "Creations End" (2016), and "Many Paths, Many Journeys" (2017).

Kindle can be used to download my Ebooks, except "Dawn of Negative Time". The download is free for Kindle Prime members.

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Dawn of Negative Time - A Science Fiction Novel:

Within the World of Forever - A Science Fiction Novel:

Before Yesterday, Comes Tomorrow - A Science Fiction Novel:

The Guns of Mestonville - A Western Novel:

Ten on a Skillet - A Mystery Novel:

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